Your Dominant Thinking Style


In this video, Susan introduces the four quadrants of our brains’ thinking preferences. It pays to think about your thinking! We tend to favor a certain mode of thinking which is biologically-based. And according to psychologist Dr. Katherine Benziger, when we must operate out of our least-preferred quadrant, it takes 100 times the energy!


Researcher Ned Herrmann names these quadrants by what they tend to do automatically:

  • Analyze
  • Organize
  • Personalize
  • Strategize


Are you drained by the work you do because your career has you perpetually “falsifying type?” Or perhaps you simply need to rearrange the order in which you do certain tasks.


Learn how to “Train your brain to tame your stress” by assessing your natural thinking style dominance, and applying that insight to your time and task management. It will help you mindfully MAP your way through life’s stressors, and calm the storms with ease.


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