Mindful Asset Programs – The Best MAP for Your Organization


I remember when it hit me like a bolt of lightning. The therapeutic techniques I’ve learned in psychology training and use in my coaching programs are needed in today’s workplaces! Why limit it to individuals when it can be taught to large groups at corporate training events?


The topics of these seminars cover what I call “Human and Financial Assets.” You achieve prosperity clarity when you know how. Prosperity means well-being. Asset means advantage. Mindful means aware and attentive. It makes sense to learn Susan’s exercises from her research and application over the last 15 years. When you become aware of how to gain and maintain true prosperity, you attend to it greater ease and success. Use them to your advantage for good.


When you learn to tame your stress for good – that means it has lasting benefit. Not only that, but “for good” also means the results are good for you and all the people you serve.


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