"It's not often you get a chance to learn from a pioneer and Susan is certainly a pioneer when it comes to blending psychology with financial planning. Susan's presentations are clear, entertaining, and insightful and what she has to say may change your life."

    Rick Kahler, CFP, co-author, The Fianancial Wisdom of Ebenezer Scrooge and Conscious Finance


"Susan is a thought leader and dynamic speaker in the financial planning profession. Her research, process, and pragmatic tools are very solid. Her communication techniques are empowering and profitable for both advisor and client."

    Janet Stanzak, CFP, Principal, Financial Empowerment


"We all are going to need increased comfort in our own communications about grief and loss with our clients. Of course, it isn't just our clients who are aging and facing loss! Susan is a tremendous help in dealing with accepting it and moving through it in healthy ways."

    C. Moss, CPA/PFS, CFP, CLU


"To be successful, it's imperative to understand the beliefs and patterns that contribute to your success as well as those that create stumbling blocks. That's what Susan's GEM process is all about. It works!"

    Jill Konrath, CEO, Best Selling Author, Selling to Big Companies and SNAP Selling


"Susan's seminar and assessment training strengthens client trust significantly so our whole process integrates smoothly. We love the money rascals. Client self-awareness and decision making improves because they've made a connection that aligns with their true motives and values."

    Marvin Kurtz, CFP, President, Financial Planning Association


"These are the best evaluations we've ever had."

    Ceridian Performance Partners


"We've received so many positive comments about Susan Zimmerman's Encouragement program. Her message about embracing the nudge to move beyond the comfort of our 'nest' of familiarity and spring into new action was positive, engaging, and practical. Attendees at the event left full of new energy for making both business and personal changes to elevate their lives."

    Teena Dietz, Business Owner


"A million thanks for being such an important part of our incredibly worthwhile project – the National Speaking of Women's Health Conference. Your participation as a featured speaker was essential to the success of this project. Sharing your expertise and knowledge with more than 5,000 women at this event…helped us to complete our mission."

     Dianne Dunkelman, Founder and CEO


"Susan, thank you again for presenting to our staff. The feedback I've heard has been extremely positive. They found it very entertaining as well as informational and useful."

     Steven Ruff, Ceridian Performance Partners


"Susan helps people see themselves clearly without defensiveness. They will figure out who they are and what they can do about it. Making changes becomes less threatening and more authentic, because they are values-focused."

     Angela Wethor, JD, CPA, Director of Advanced Marketing, Foresters


"Susan Zimmerman shared powerful stories of courage in the face of life's most challenging situations. She masterfully inspired hope, touched hearts, and uplifted spirits. Her message has an immediate and lasting impact in changing people's lives. Susan made our event shine even more brightly than we could have imagined."

     Jill Konrath, CEO, Best Selling Author, Selling to Big Companies and SNAP Selling


"Susan's presentations help people look behind the emotional reasons for the financial decisions they make. Energetic, knowledgeable, and highly creative, Susan is the only person I've seen that helps people understand and modify their own behavior with money."

     Chris MacLennan, JD, CLU, ChFC, CFP, FLMI/M, Director of Advanced Planning, AXA Advisors


"Susan's presentation on encouragement was just what I needed to hear. We all need encouragement to give us that extra push to follow our path. She offered some great tools and handouts that are helpful in my work and family life. I loved her stories and the inspiration!"

     Lynn Koll, Business Owner


"Susan has a remarkable sense of humor and kept everyone's interest throughout."

     Kelly Nelson, Hartford Life


"You have helped me find words and to identify the craziness and things I've been experiencing in a gentle, hope-filled way. Beautiful, beautiful stuff…allowing me to feel and grieve so many different themes of loss and it's ok to recognize that."

     E.C., Seminar attendee


"Your message exudes hope in a loving, nurturing way. You are a beacon in a 40-watt world! Thank you for allowing your royal spirit to express so beautifully."

     Marilyn Sprague-Smith, Author, Speaker, Business Owner


"Susan's lighthearted manner helped me understand this serious and important subject of emotions about money. She is an approachable speaker who knew her subject well, could relate to her audience and kept them actively involved in learning."

     Janet C. Bechman, Family Resource Management, Purdue University


"Susan Zimmerman is a compelling speaker and consultant, outstanding author and brilliant poet who touches your heart and elevates your spirit to new levels of hope, courage, and authenticity, especially during times of transition."

     Nancy Stephen, Founder, Honoring Women Worldwide


"Everyone loves the book. We have been giving Rays of Hope in Times of Loss to hurricane Katrina relief victims as well as clients in times of loss."

     Tera Wiggins, CFP, ChFC, CLU, Financial Advisor in Alabama