Susan’s Intro


Susan Zimmerman brings audiences to their feet with her high energy and creative training interactions.


Her topics cover both human and financial assets that encourage positive emotional and intellectual growth with a lasting effect. Susan’s mindful messages “inspire a rewire” in clients and audiences so they can feel and live with greater prosperity and wellness.


Video Clips by Topic:

    • Train Your Brain to Tame Your Stress: view the video or the description with the video  
    • Look at This Handy Model of the Brain: view the video or the description with the video 
    • Your Dominant Thinking Style: view the video or the description with the video 
    • Holding Royal Court with Your Stress Hormones: view the video or the description with the video 
    • Mindful Asset Programs: the best MAP for Your Organization: view the video or the description with the video


Audience members report improvements in their:

    • Communication with clients, prospects, and co-workers
    • Satisfaction with WIN/WIN cooperation in relationships
    • Energy and self-esteem when tackling tough transitions
    • Emotional management before and during a "Tolerance Break"
    • Sales and marketing strategies and effectiveness
    • Abilities to regain calm during chaotic circumstances


Prosperity Clarity = Well being + Mindful action
    1. Add sparkle and decisiveness to your outlook with the GEM process
    2. Generate Empowered Movement in your professional and personal life
    3. Create treasured balance and eliminate discouragement in three brilliant steps