The 3D of Becoming


Seasonal changes always get me thinking about simply being. Next thing I know, I’m pondering its cousin, “becoming.” I prefer thinking of it as a process that happens from the intentional recognition of our own valuable growth stories. They nurture our evolution of becoming the best of ourselves. Isn’t that one of the best ways to help our clients?


When I think about becoming, I often imagine looking through a lens that works like those goofy 3D glasses that make movies come alive with new dimensions. Movement comes alive and it’s a whole different experience when the 3D glasses are on. In fact, isn’t it amazing how blurred the picture is without the 3D lenses?


I like to encourage looking at the picture of our lives from a 3D perspective. That is how we achieve the empowerment of defining ourselves in new, exciting, and fulfilling ways.


As we ponder what matters in our “BEcoming” process, it can be useful to use what I have termed in my business a 3D process, for:

    • Depth;
    • Direction;
    • Definition.


Depth is the innermost part of anything, and I discovered many of my pursuits required substantial depth. That takes a special kind of bravery, honesty, and energy, but the benefit is worth it. We can’t always have what we want, but we get a lot closer if we ask ourselves the question, “What do you deeply want?” One of my answers to that question this past year brought me to executing part of my business succession plan (aging can bring wisdom). I also recognized the need for putting simple fun back on my list.


Direction is the course or line along which something moves. That definition seems obvious, but it is easy to lose sight of how our career or personal life course is really moving. Are we moving toward a destination we identified clearly, or have we gotten into a habit of simply reactively taking it as it comes? It’s one thing to choose a circuitous course, but what if we have simply failed to notice that we’ve drifted off-course? 


Definition is the determination of a decision. Without definition, decisions don’t get made; they happen by default. Some are good or even great, and some are just the opposite. We always need to learn how to define our decision criteria and review it regularly.


You might also find that your 3D process turns out to be a valuable exercise that brings insightful surprises and an interesting focus about growing or redirecting your usual activities.  Allow yourself, also, to identify new things you want to learn about important people in your life. What have they discovered along their way? Can their discoveries help you with any of your current challenges?


Enjoy the 3D formula for your “Becoming Breakthroughs” and your nurturing challenge:
       Depth + Direction + Definition = Destination


My bet is you might just love the ride a little bit more, and appreciate where it takes you!

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