Holding Royal Court with Your Stress Hormones


The stress hormone cortisol pulses through our systems when we’re stressed, causing all kinds of damage to our immune systems. This is why Susan named one of her exercises, “Holding Cort.” Many of us have become so accustomed to chronic stress, that we don’t even recognize its physical sensation. This causes us to hold cortisol in our bodies unnecessarily. Since stress hormones can lead to disease, wouldn’t you rather get rid of it if you could?


Use Susan’s “holding royal court” process to lower your stress and the damaging hormones it produces. This phrase can help you remember to do the exercises multiple times a day. Once you learn how to do them, they can bring back calm in as few as 30 seconds.


Don’t condone it, dethrone it!  Next time you feel tension; don’t overlook it as harmless or trivial. Instead, remove it from power. Learn how to sweep it out of your system and carry on with greater physical calm. This is your body’s prosperity, which means well-being.


View this video for a client story about dethroning cortisol. Then contact MAP to schedule Susan for her stress-taming seminar.

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