Your Money Motives – How to Play to Your Strengths in Money Matters

Motive means desire. You may not have thought about your money motives as a way to improve your money life. But the best way to propel your prosperity to new heights is to take an x-ray view of what drives you toward certain choices and away from others. Do you have habitual ways of thinking about money? Does your emotional reaction to certain money topics steer you positively forward or throw you more behind?

Prosperity, contrary to what people typically think of first, is not exclusively defined as financial wealth. Its definitions include: “thriving condition, success, affluence, economic well-being, flourishing.”

Prosperity, then, is both an inside job and an outside job. Studies show that when people raise their internal well-being, their external success goes up also. Discover your internal prosperity pattern using a money motives tool that reveals your “Motivated Asset Pattern” (MAP) in eight different money motives. You’ll learn the strengths and the challenge areas of each, and simple steps to take for improved outcomes.

An online assessment graphically displays your money motive scores and provides a detailed report of your most dominant ones. You’ll see your strengths, checklists to begin discovering cognitive or emotional patterns, and guidance to improve your prosperity personality. For information on taking the MAP assessment, CLICK HERE. 

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