Mindful Coaching/Consulting


With Mindful Coaching and Consulting, you'll become more deeply aware and attentive – the definition of mindful – in your work and personal life. With heightened awareness of solutions to your challenge areas, you’ll achieve greater well being and prosperity. Session packages are tailored to fit your resources and desired pace, creating mindful action that honors and attends to your needs.

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  Consulting For Financial Professionals 


How to ACE the Hard Part of Soft Skills in Financial Planning

  Traditionally, financial planning has been thought of as a left-brain analytical, numbers-oriented process, with education and training focused on mastering that knowledge and skill. ‘Soft skills’ have often seemed like the Rodney Dangerfield of skills in financial planning – more »

How to Use the Motivated Asset Pattern Assessment with Clients

It can feel impossible to integrate psychological language and tools into traditional financial planning. Bring Susan into your firm to train your team how to introduce deeper conversations

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Q & A Your Way to Solving Client Problems

Sometimes circumstances in clients’ lives don’t seem to fit in the financial planning conversations to which you’re accustomed. Bring Susan in for a half-day session to receive

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 Coaching For Consumers  


Money Motives Personality & Financial Action

You’ll receive your computerized MAP assessment report, personal consultation, and The Power in Your Money Personality book. Customized action steps are created to align

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Marriage Prep and Enrichment

Give this perfect gift for newly engaged couples or for marital enrichment. Susan has been certified to conduct the PREPARE/ENRICH Inventory for 15 years and has “coupled”

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Good Grief! Tough Transitions Need Support

Whether due to a major life transition or losing a loved one through death or divorce, grief can make the path of life more difficult to navigate. This program helps you regain

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Parents As Leaders in Money Matters (PALS)

Kids of all ages can present parents with baffling uncertainties about how to best teach proven money lessons. Learn creative and fun ways to motivate and educate your children

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Trauma Recovery and Resolution

You may have experienced one or several “traumatic stressors” earlier in your life that still cause difficulties in your current life. Such stressors can stem from abusive relationships

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Most coaching starts with an assessment meeting followed by scheduled phone discussions, charged monthly, quarterly or at discounted annual rates.  Fees range from $180-480 per package of three sessions, depending on the customized program.