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How to ACE the Hard Part of Soft Skills in Financial Planning

  Traditionally, financial planning has been thought of as a left-brain analytical, numbers-oriented process, with education and training focused on mastering that knowledge and skill. ‘Soft skills’ have often seemed like the Rodney Dangerfield of skills in financial planning – more »

Be a STAR When it Comes to Client Trust

  Do your clients trust you? Trust is one of those words that's used extensively but may mean very different things to every individual. Let's look at the primary definition of trust. Trust means, "A firm belief in the strength, more »

Put the Merry in Monday

When you hear the words “client appreciation” – what does it conjure up in your mind? Perhaps you see images of fancy printed invitations, mailings, RSVP coordination, a large hotel banquet room with impressive dinners, and an even more impressive invoice you get to pay.

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Is it Financial Trauma or Just the Money Blues?

I’d been researching trauma and anxiety disorders last year even before the market did its “traumatic tumble.” Several clients had consulted me about assorted life stressors, and they varied considerably

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TWEDY Trumps Tweets for Client Communication

Had a good tweet lately? Regardless of how accomplished you are in your social media adventure, try using TWEDY to help you remember to ask your client the most important questions.

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Grief is NEAR – Helping Clients During Loss

With the aging population, it’s not just long-term care insurance and Medicare Part D with which our clients are struggling. Many people are facing the death of a loved one for the first

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Money Motivations- Alien to Clients, but Known to You!

Have you noticed that clients’ Emotions and Thoughts (ET) about money often seem like aliens from another planet? Most of them lie outside of their conscious awareness. Yet they’re powerful drivers of behavior.

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Teen Money Isn’t Teeny

How many of your clients have children who are at or nearing their teen years? Have these clients expressed any concern about the money habits they are seeing in their children? Affluence can provide

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