Crisp Courage


More than 28 years ago, I temporarily nicknamed myself Crispy Critter. It originated because of the simultaneous entry of my hands and blowing hairdryer into a sink full of water. A sudden flash, zap, and sparks dancing up the cord to the outlet happened instantly. But miraculously, I didn’t get any shock at all – other than the shock of not being shocked to death! I was still just fine, but I can’t say the same of my hair dryer. It was fried to death. It was actually the crispy critter, not me. I felt inspired to create some meaning to this brief, yet vivid experience. But please, never recreate this accident at home! Everything I read still leads me to believe it is hazardous and perhaps even fatal. 


I ended up scrapping the nickname Crispy Critter. It sounded burned out and it was a time in life when I needed to “charge positively” forward through some significant transitions. What was most needed was a fresh supply of new courage. I looked up the word crisp and fell in love with some of its definitions. They included fresh, firm, invigorating, sharp, clear, lively, sparkling, and snappy.


I created a small ceremony to infuse crisp courage into my outlook. I needed a magic wand, and my wooden spoon worked just fine. I used it to tap on my shoulders each of the eight words that defined crisp. For affirmations to work, use the present tense. “You have crisp courage. You are sharp, clear, fresh, firm, invigorating, lively, sparkling.” An infusion of crisp courage helped me find a fresh approach to the phone calls I needed to make, discover a sharp focus, be firm in honoring my values, create lively programs, learn to communicate more clearly, and be a healthy, even invigorated single mother to my two toddlers.


I also realized that I’d been living by some ridiculous guidelines such as, “You should always be last on the list.” I found bundles of other beliefs stemming from the distorted ones. They needed to be restructured in order for me to maintain my crisp courage and make a positive difference for myself and others in life.


Have you become a crispy critter in any way lately? Perhaps your work life or energy has fallen flat. Instead of being sharp and clear, you may feel burned out and fuzzy. Countless articles and books walk us through technical training. But rarely do we see the suggestion to create a ceremony that infuses our lives with the emotional energy it needs.


My suggestion is to allow yourself to tap into your natural creativity and mark your renewed drive and direction with a ceremony. And if you like the phrase, “Crisp Courage,” borrow that! Let the words fresh, firm, sharp, clear, lively, sparkling, snappy, and invigorating create motivation for you to infuse your work, play, or relationships with some revitalizing change. Enjoy! And let me know how your crispy critter is doing after it receives its prestigious award.

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