Changing a Fool Rule


Eureka! Discover a gem from your memories! In preparing for a workshop I'm presenting next week about empowering change, I revisited an old memory. It was from a time I was punished for talking about money when I was in elementary school.

The experience was so frightening, that it left me with the impression that money should never be talked about – with anyone. That was a distorted conclusion, and thankfully, I finally realized it in early adulthood. But throughout my twenties, I thought I was somehow supposed to operate silently on the subject of money management.

Here's the little rhyme that succinctly tells that tale:
"You're not supposed to talk about money!"
I felt his fury; this wasn't funny.
So I kept quiet for 20 years,
And buried my puzzling money fears.
Then came a day I knew I must speak,
For silence just took me up a creek.
I'd followed a very stupid rule,
That left me feeling like a fool.
The great thing was I could change it now;
I found my voice and pursued the "know how."
There's grace in learning, even from a mistake;
Forgive self and others; live fully awake.

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