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Mindful money

Mindful Money for Wealth & Well-Being (For Practitioners)


Discover Your Clients’ Wealth-Being™


How do you help clients strike a balance between wealth and well-being? This book teaches specific ways to combine the best financial and mental health communication practices. Empower clients to propel their prosperity to new and lasting heights.

Tip the scale toward “wealth-being” with your services for:



Price: $20/book






Mindful Prosperity: GEM Guide to Mental Wealth


This e-book guides you through the 3-step GEM process for mindfully redirecting your habitual patterns for more positive results. Learn to HIRE your higher self for strong and healthy thoughts, emotions, and actions. Exercises generate empowered movement (GEM) by guiding you to wisdom and valuable new meanings from previous life experience. Joyful change happens from the inside out!

“To be successful, it’s imperative to understand the beliefs and patterns that contribute to your success as well as those that create stumbling blocks. That’s what Susan’s GEM process is all about. It works!” ~Jill Konrath, CEO, Best Selling Author, SNAP Selling and Selling to Big Companies


Price: $20/book









The Power in Your Money Personality

Balance Urge to Splurge/Craving for Saving



Discover the reasons behind personal money mystery and transform it into money mastery.

"No matter what your personality is, you’ll find yourself in the pages of this book,” says a reader.


Price: $14.95








Rays of Hope in Times of Loss


This masterfully captures ways to recognize, validate, and navigate through many forms of grief. Powerful messages are filled with hope and encouragement.

Give the gift that helps people find:
    • Validation and comfort in their emotions.
    • Ideas for journals, rituals, and honoring memories.
    • Courage to continue navigating through grief.
    •  Inviting beauty, creative tools.


"I will never be able to thank you enough. The book put into words what our 'soul' feels." ~JL

"I went from section to section and poem to poem. What a powerful book." ~JW



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To purchase books, go to the Products page.